How we can help

Business coaching

Audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Focus: Business growth and success; Identifying goals for the future while improving current operations. 


Executive coaching

Audience: Business executives or senior leaders.

Focus: Improving leadership abilities; Managing organizational change; Finding work/life balance; People and performance management.  


Professional coaching

Audience: Working individuals of any type, those seeking a career change or improvement and those considering taking the entrepreneurial plunge. 

Focus: Identifying individual strengths, passions & interests; Career vision and goals; Finding fulfillment and purpose through work; Clarifying the best "fit" between a person and a career or organizational culture; Accelerating one's career path or transition.


What else can we offer you?

360° Business Diagnostic

Internal diagnostic

  • Revise its previous or existing strategy
  • Analyze internal resources with the organization
  • Analyze the skills found within the organization: Customer service, Sales and Marketing, Process - internal system, Human capital, etc.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

External diagnostic

  • Identify environmental factors: Micro-environment, Macro environment
  • Analyze trends, threats and opportunities in the environment
  • Analyze all the factors/results
  • Develop a portrait of your business to highlight the priorities arising from the diagnostic

Strategic planning

Take your  360° Business Diagnostic to the next level by creating a 90-Day Action Plan.

  • Establish new goals based on the organization's priorities
  • Formulate strategies 
  • Learn how to implement these strategies
  • Put all employees or business partners on the same wavelength
  • Measure your progress and success
  • Improve productivity 

But that is not all...

Assessments & Training

Assessments and training programs are great tools to combine with coaching. Here are a few topics we can assist you with: 

  • Personality 
  • Leadership 
  • Strength 
  • Interest 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Skill/Aptitude  
  • Communication 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Motivation or Interest 
  • Time and priority management
  • Goals and Project management, 
  • Team building and management, etc.
  • Tailored assessments or training programs/workshop based on your and/or your organization's needs 

In a rut? Ask us about the World Coach Institute Optimum Life Assessment, which includes the following topics:

  • physical health
  • emotional health
  • relaxation & fun
  • environment
  • money
  • work
  • personal development
  • contribution & service
  • relationships

But that is not all...