How we can help you & your team...


Audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners.

Focus: Business growth and success; Identifying goals for the future while improving current operations. - ICF


Audience: Business executives or senior leaders.

Focus: Improving leadership abilities; Managing organizational change; Finding work/life balance; People and performance management. - ICF


Audience: Working individuals of any type, those seeking a career change or improvement and those considering taking the entrepreneurial plunge. 

Focus: Identifying individual strengths, passions & interests; Career vision and goals; Finding fulfillment and purpose through work; Clarifying the best "fit" between a person and a career or organizational culture; Accelerating one's career path or transition. - ICF


Audience: group of entrepreneurs, executives, business owners or professionals.

Focus:  A group coach plays a more active role in holding a mirror to the group, exploring and challenging as needed, and, in subtle ways partnering the group to move towards a desired outcome. The mythical ‘invisibility’ of the coach is in being non-judgmental. 

- Ramanthan & Company, LCC, 2017 


Audience: team of executives or management personnel, team of shareholders, professionals from a same department or organization, members of a committee or board.

Focus:  A team coach has the responsibility to bring a disparate group of different interests into a bonded entity with a common purpose and identity. From this point this may be similar in process, and yet vastly different in approach than working with groups. 

- Ramanthan & Company, LCC, 2017  


Audience:  team of executives or management personnel, team of shareholders, professionals from a same department or organization, members of a committee or board. 

Focus:  A systemic coach brings in a third element of organization to the individuals forming a team with the larger needs and objectives. Purpose here is to align individuals through teams to the organization. 

- Ramanthan & Company, LCC, 2017  


Audience:  team of executives or management personnel, team of shareholders, professionals from a same department or organization, members of a committee or board. 

Focus:  Collective coaching is systemic coaching taken to the next level, looking at the team as an additional member. It is the invisible thousand pound gorilla whose unseen presence dominates the process. The team has its own identity, purpose and vision different from that of the organization and the team members. 

The coach’s job is to explore with team members to reveal these. This is the ‘who’ part of the team coaching. Once established, these can be aligned to the identity, purpose and vision of the organization and individuals. 

- Ramanthan & Company, LCC, 2017  


Internal diagnostic:

  • Revise its previous or existing strategy
  • Analyze internal resources with the organization
  • Analyze the skills found within the organization: Customer service, Sales and Marketing, Process - internal system, Human capital, etc.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

External diagnostic:

  • Identify environmental factors: Micro-environment, Macro environment
  • Analyze trends, threats and opportunities in the environment
  • Analyze all the factors/results
  • Develop a portrait of your business to highlight the priorities arising from the diagnostic


Take your  360° Business Diagnostic to the next level by creating a 90-Day Action Plan:

  • Establish new goals based on the organization's priorities
  • Formulate strategies 
  • Learn how to implement these strategies
  • Put all employees or business partners on the same wavelength
  • Measure your progress and success
  • Improve productivity 

Assessments and training programs are great tools to combine with coaching. 

Here are a few topics we can assist you with: 

  • Personality & Leadership 
  • Strength & areas of improvement
  • Motivation & interest 
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Skill/Aptitude  
  • Communication 
  • Conflict management 
  • Time & priority management
  • Goals & project management, 
  • Team building & management, etc.
  • Tailored assessments or training programs/workshops based on your needs &/or your organization's needs 

In a rut? Ask us about the World Coach Institute Optimum Life Assessment, which includes the following topics:

  • physical & emotional health
  • relaxation & fun
  • environment
  • money
  • career & business
  • personal development
  • contribution & service
  • relationships

BUT wait, THAT IS NOT ALL...we mean business!



Professional Mediation

Professional Mediation

Business document review and recommendations (business plans, market study, financial projections, sales and marketing plans, strategic plans, etc.)


Professional Mediation

Professional Mediation

Professional Mediation

Professional mediation is about conflict management and in some cases resolution. It is achieved through a third party's ability to use  excellent reasoning, problem-solving, and peace-making abilities.


When two parties (business partners, colleagues, manager & employee, etc.)  have a dispute and wish to avoid the legal intricacies of litigation, they may call in a mediator to facilitate an equitable solution. 



Professional Mediation


 Key note speech, contribution to a panel discussion or complete conference customized to your needs and events (AGA, Gala, Expo, Retreats, etc.).