Referral program

What's in it for you?

At MY WORKSHOP, we believe that the greatest compliment anyone can give in business is to refer their partners, colleagues, clients, friends, family members, and others whose trust they’ve earned – to a provider they trust. We also believe in an equitable business approach we like to call the Win-Win-Win business approach: a win for you, a win for your referral and a win for us! 

It is with this gratitude, and appreciation of what it takes to make a trusted referral – that we created our client referral program.

“Cash or Coaching” is both an incentive and an appreciation program, and it’s very simple. For every client you refer to MY WORKSHOP, you will receive 10% of the value of their initial purchase as cash, or 20% of that initial package in coaching (or other services). If you refer someone who spends $1500 on their initial package, you’ll get to choose between $150 in cash, or $300 worth of coaching – it’s that simple!

It gets better from there – you don’t even have to be an existing client of MY WORKSHOP to benefit from “Cash or Coaching”! Refer us a client who does sign up, and we’ll pay you or you can become a client with your 20% of the value of your friends package credited to you for free coaching!

All referrals can be directed to – thank you for considering us and trusting MY WORKSHOP with your network!