Here are a few client testimonials and many great reasons why to work with us!

ERP HAPPY Owner, Montreal

Monthly consultations

I have had the chance to work with one of MY WORKSHOP’S business coaches both before and while I started my company. She was very good in transforming my “I can’t” into “why not?” while I was planning to create a company. She also helped me structure my ideas and think about all aspects that are important when anyone creates a business. Today I keep working with her and as an Information Technology consultant I can say that MY WORKSHOP is an excellent partner to have at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey. Thank you!

TRCC CANADA Chemist, Quebec

12 week team training program

I appreciate the support and coaching you are giving me in between our bi-monthly team-building sessions. Thank you for the resources you are providing us so we can improve as a team and on an individual basis. I will continue to implement my personal action plan in order to grow professionally.

SUN LIFE Financial adviser, Montreal

4 workshops leadership series

Mrs Jimenez is an impressive coach with a contagious energy. She brings her knowledge of the business world with tact and good examples. Her train of thoughts and experience in the field will make you ask for more. She is certainly a coach with great tools to learn from. I highly  recommend MY WORKSHOP services and public training events!

First and foremost, we coach individuals. (Actually, your client first buys into you before your product or service…) As human beings, in order to grow, we believe we need to put our ego aside to embrace change and criticism. This is why our motto is:


We believe that the heart of your business should include strategic planning. Our role is to make sure you prioritize the critical elements of your business rather than its facade!

A good business coach isn’t someone who gives you a big “pep talk” for $200 and then disappears after a great speech (and a touching story!). We need to invest our time within a company in order to truly understand its needs, team dynamics and strategy…Well, at least that is our way to provide a service that delivers results.

If you desire to hire one of us as a consultant for a specific issue, our fees start at $499. This includes Four 60-minute coaching sessions, as well as a process of reflection and analysis in addition to regular communication in between sessions.

If you want to invest in having a coach by your side during important milestones, such as during the creation of a business or strategic plan, here are more, please BOOK YOUR FREE one hour consultation here or VISIT OUR SHOP here.

Many of my clients prefer to spread payments over several weeks or months, for example. I am open to finding the method that best suits you.