Business coach, CEO

I’ve been passionate about business since 2012, when I assisted my husband in starting a music label in Montreal.

I had just complete my bachelor’s in a Specialization in Human Relations. I was also a counsellor and animator for the City of Montreal’s urban safety and crime prevention program. In addition to my work, my responsibilities as the co-owner of the label and my three young children, my network had been calling upon me since 2012 to offer workshops and conferences. That is how my coaching business took its first steps unbeknownst to me!

In 2014, I officially launched my business, after several months of planning, offering pro-bono services and acquiring small coaching and training mandates. Since then, my life has taken quite a turn! MY WORKSHOP is the business project that makes my Monday mornings far from being burdensome!

In order to perfect my craft as a business coach, I read books such as Ownership Thinking, by Brad Hams, or the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.

Actually, I wish to emphasize that I am not a life coach nor a career coach. In other words, I do not do “a bit of everything.” I’m a business coach because I specialise in the challenges facing small to medium business owners.

My approach is humanistic in nature as I try to promote the principal of service leadership. This form of ethical leadership that counteracts the authoritarian model, aims to gain a clear understanding of each member of an organization’s needs all while demonstrating empathy.

In that vein, I offer pro-bono or low-cost services to youth, women and senior groups in need. (As we often say: “Put your money where your mouth is…”)

In 2016, I was part of The Cliff Hangers team for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. During the Rope-For-Hope challenge, I repelled down a 29 floor building in the heart of Montreal. Our team finished third in Canada, for 2016, having raised more then $42 000 in donations for children with serious illnesses.

A few of our amazing clients!